The easiest way to make clips - just drag this to your bookmark bar Make Clip

Making Clips and Quotes

The easiest way to use Curate.Us is with the "Make Clip" smart bookmark. Once you install it on your browser bookmarks bar, you'll be able to make one-click clips and quotes.

Capturing a screen clip with Curate.Us is easy. Simply enter the web URL on our site or use the "Make Clip" smart bookmark.

You may share it immediately on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, email, or embed it into your blog.

Additionally, you may include a sticky note with your comments or adjust the size and position of your clip.

Find a passage on a web page that you’d like to quote instead? First, select your text.

And then click the “Make Clip” smart bookmark on your browser toolbar.

Now you're ready to post your quote on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or embed it into your blog.