The easiest way to make clips - just drag this to your bookmark bar Make Clip

Installing the Tool

The easiest way to use Curate.Us is with the smart bookmark. Once you install it on your browser bookmarks bar, you will be able to make one-click clips and quotes.

Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

Drag this link to your bookmarks bar.
You're done!

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer does not allow links to be dragged to the favorites (links) bar. To install on IE, you must right click the "Make Clip" shortcut and select Add to Favorites.
Right Click Menu

After you acknowledge the security warning, Internet Explorer will ask you where to save the shortcut.

Select Links and click Add and you are ready to start making clips and quotes (in IE8 links has become Favorites Bar, otherwise the process is identical.)

Save Dialog

Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator

IE8 also offers Internet accelerators. To install the Curate.Us accelerator click this link

You will be prompted to add the Curate.Us accelerator.

Add Accelerator Dialog

Be sure to check the Make this my default provider box or the accelerator will not appear in the first level menu.

After you install the accelerator you will be able to clip text or pages from the right click menu.

Right Click Menu